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Welcome to Media City

Saudi Media City Co. (SHAMAS) is located in Riyadh city, Saudi Arabia in a 200000 Sqm. area. It is an integrated media city with all satellite broadcasting services, all solutions of integrated digital broadcasting, existing TV studios with various areas upon request , in addition to a celebrations hall, 5 stars hotel, Roman theatre, academy for qualification in media and support works ( under construction) and separate offices equipped for satellite channels as well as providing satellite channels equipment and systems.


  • Push media development ahead by establishing suitable infrastructure and environment for TV and satellite channels to practice their activities and to transmit from inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the wide space.
  • Facilitate TV broadcasting from allover the Kingdom and the world to the Media City and to encourage launching new satellite channels having their headquarters in Riyadh.
  • Preparing local and international media cadres through a specialized academy.
  • Provide engineering technologies and installations from the major international companies to produce programs in the highest international standards.
  • Deduct production cost inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Low prices for local and international satellite channels.



The most important
  • 24 hours technical support by a highest quality engineering and technical team.
  • Reducing capital expenses required for establishing the channel.
  • Fast launching of a new channel without complications or routine actions.
  • Ability to provide internet service to channels up to 200 mbps speed or more as it enables the channels to transfer files and items from the broadcasting center in tremendous speed and provides the ability to transfer external incidents to be broadcasted in the channel program.