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Gathering & broadcasting center:

  • Huge center to gather and send TV broadcasting capable of taking the greatest number of local and international satellite channels.
  • Comprehensive automation system.
  • Secure saving of all TV programs.
  • Engineering monitoring and follow-up systems for all channels with latest technology.
  • Highly competent technicians and engineers to manage the center works.
  • Highly reliable design to allow each channel to broadcast from a main. server and a reserve server from which broadcasting automatically shifts in case of defect in the main server to ensure non-interruption of any channel broadcasting.
  • Ability to control the schedule of programs and advertisements from the central control room or from a special control room of the channel.
  • The latest high quality recording and broadcasting devices (4k-HD) from the largest international companies.
  • Grass valley servers.
  • Tri-dimension graphics systems.
  • It is distinguished with highly engineering system to maintain the standard quality of high purity sound to ensure comfort of viewers all the time.

After production facilities:

  • High quality (4k-HD) Non-linear amendment units (production).
  • Voice recording units for dubbing process and voice over.
  • Works of music recording and technical amendment (pro tools).
  • Drawings and graphic works units.
  • Technical supervision for all units.

post production



  • HD studios of high quality technology for drama works, direct or recorded programs.
  • All equipments of modern lighting LED or others.
  • Providing all models of furniture and accessories required for production.
  • Providing trained technical manpower upon customer’s request.

Outer photographing unit:

  • High quality outer photographing vehicles for programs and covering events and incidents.
  • Carried photographing units including all equipments of voice, image and lighting.
  • Units of direct broadcasting through SNG and MNG.


Three satelite dishes over sunset
Three satelite dishes over sunset

Content broadcasting and publishing:

  • Satellite broadcasting by transport units (TELEPORTS) available to all channels working in the Kingdom.
  • Display on MULTI SCREEN OTT.

Advantages of (Play out) in Saudi Media City (SHAMAS)

  • The broadcasting center has the latest world equipment and technologies
  • The server: from the most powerful international systems of Grass Valley Co. Model K2.
  • Automatic control (auto motion) by Pebble Beach
  • Graphic: title one from Imagine Co.
  • Distribution and monitoring devices: Miranda
  • HCO devices from Miranda for transfer between the mainline and reserve line of each channel with automatic voice level control.
  • It is considered as the unique latest and modern engineering broadcasting center in the Middle East


These Systems gave the Center the following advantages:

  • Each channel has a main and reserve line from different servers
  • Separate graphic device for each channel
  • Controlling PLAYLIST situation from any place
  • Ability to provide the service of placing SMS on the channel graphic
  • Automatic voice level control for each channel
  • Remote control in PLAYLIST content and graphic (showing and hiding)
  • All systems (automatic control, saving and server) has safe mechanism if any defect occurs without being perceived by the viewer.