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The Arab Satellite Satellite Company (Bader Sat) was established.

To be the first privately owned virtual satellite with strategic partnerships with most major satellites in different orbits around the world (Bader Sat) A number of popular TV stations, such as 7 west, 26 east and other, provide satellite channels with access to unprecedented dimensions across the Middle East, Europe and Central Asia, with coverage focused on the Middle East and North Africa regions, and the latest in the satellite constellation. Bader Sat offers a full spectrum of satellite and communications services and is superior to its accessibility, deployment, flexibility, technical alternatives, redundancy and superior tropical and reserve capacities

Bader Sat is located on the most famous TV tracks, with more than one hundred and seventy million viewers across the Arab world enjoying watching more than 600 TV channels Two hundred high-definition radio stations and paid television networks are on the rise with more than 15 communication points with Bader Sat around the world, Bader Sat ensures you have easy access to your viewers with cost-effective solutions wherever you are via the main broadcast platform in Riyadh and across the city Television broadcasting platforms around the world, and we can also provide video transmission and retransmission services to those platforms to broadcast to your viewers around the clock.

Bader Sat satellite provides a full range of frequency cards required for telecommunications services featuring modern technologies, high-power, high-productivity intensive coverages such as broadband services, and we always maintain strategic partnerships with most of the world’s leading satellite companies, equipment manufacturers, service providers and value-added integrators The reason for the Qamar Badr Sat will offer a unique and distinguished level of technical solutions and flexibility to government agencies, major telecommunications companies, broadband providers (Badsat), military sectors and networks. The Badr Sat satellite, through private communications services, also provides continuous, reliable, safe and easy solutions for building and expanding voice, video and data networks across the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Central Asia. Thanks to Bader Sat’s great potential, it helps telecoms operators expand their reach, provide more absorptive capacity, close gaps to remote areas, and boost domestic and international communications to stay connected without interruption, even in mobile communications, Bader Sat provides high-quality communication to all mobile security and military sectors The telecommunications sector and broadband with aircraft, ships and vessels to ensure continuity of disaster communication for the most part of the sites.