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The Saudi Media City: It is the media orientation that works under the umbrella of the Media Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It is also the first time that the media city has been working to unify the television broadcast to represent the targeted Saudi media.

The importance of organizing the broadcast media and unifying the satellite broadcasting outlet, as well as the communication and Internet ports, is as follows:

  1. Reduce content piracy and intellectual property protection.
  2. Increase revenue for content-giving channels and companies.
  3. Elimination of the black market in space broadcasting .
  4. Organizing the transmission of Saudi channels in packages suitable for the Saudi family

Geographic location

The Saudi media city enjoys a strategic position that matches its aims and nature of its work, as the city of Riyadh was chosen for several reasons:

First: It is the capital and the heart of the Kingdom.

Second, it represents the political and economic weight in Saudi Arabia.

Third: It is its face to satellite channels and the media.

That’s where it is

As for the selection of headquarters, it has been selected by several key factors, depending on the flexibility to which it is based

Therefore, the district of Kairouan was chosen. In the north of Riyadh, close to King Khalid International Airport and King Abdullah Financial Center to facilitate visitors’ access from congestion centers and downtown, other important factors such as noise avoidance are the dangers of highways and, in security terms, the headquarters of the Saudi Media City is within the security site of the special forces ·

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Saudi Media City (Shammas)

It is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the city of Riyadh, on an area of 200 thousand square meters, and it is an integrated media city with all satellite broadcasting services, all integrated digital broadcasting solutions, and TV studios in different areas – studios on demand.

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