* Roman-style theater with a large audience.

* Leisure center with indoor (in door) and outdoor (out door) spaces.

  • Private parking for visitors and clients of the city.
  • a security system that ensures privacy and safety.
  • the provision of specialized technical and technical labor.
  • Administrative offices are available for rental upon request.
  • provision of airport shuttle services to guests of in-city TV shows.
  • issuance and renewal of licenses for media activity at the Visual and audible Media Authority.
  • Registration of the facility as a television channel with the Ministry of Commerce for new and existing channels.
  • work visas, visits, and stays.
  • a comprehensive service desk for all government transactions under one roof.

Navigation section for external shooting

  • a fleet of podcasts for high-quality outdoor photography of programs and coverage of events and events.
  • Portable imaging units including all picture, sound and lighting facilities.
  • Satellite Live Streaming (SNG) and Mobile Networks (MNG).
  • Lighting, audio displays, and more.